Terry Isaac's Art

King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain by Terry Isaac. This is a museum quality, offset lithographic limited-edition paper print on acid-free pH neutral paper from Mill Pond Press and was released in May, 2000. "For a long time, I had wanted to paint a majestic bull elk, but the right concept and scene eluded me. I had seen them many times, sometimes solitary and sometimes in a large herd. I had also wanted to paint this mountain scene for some time. Eventually, I put two and two together! During the painting design process, I experimented with other subjects, but I kept returning to this bull elk - both subject and scene just seemed right together. The placement of the animal at the top of the rocky cliff truly makes him the "King of the Mountain" and gives him a vantage point from which he can survey his domain." ~Terry Isaac


Price: $185.00

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