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Afternoon Light

"Afternoon Light" by Terry Isaac. Limited edition of only 56 AP prints. Image size: 19 x 28.5" and paper size: 24.5 x 33.5" In late afternoon, a brother/sister pair of adolescent cougars spends time relaxing and warming themselves on rocks in the sun. Moments earlier the cubs played "chase" and various other feline games, just like domestic kittens. The mother cougar is close by, resting before another nocturnal hunting lesson begins. Cougar cubs generally stay with their mothers for one year. When they are nearly two years old, they become independent and leave their mothers' home ranges. Adult cougars tend to be solitary animals, however, I wanted to show one of the times in their lives when they enjoy each other's company. These limited-edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The edition was printed on museum quality, acid-free paper. The master was created during the lifetime of the artist, Terry Isaac. AP (Artist’s Proofs) prints are the property of the artist or were donated to worthy cause organizations. Each comes with instructions on how to care for your limited-edition print.


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