Terry Isaac's Art


"I draw my inspiration from observing nature, always on the lookout for “magical moments.”  Seeing a particular setting is what usually initially inspires me.  I then consider which bird or mammal will go well with that scene.  I like to capture particularity, avoid stylizing, and expose the uniqueness that everything in nature possesses.  I edit and manipulate the composition until I am satisfied, use abstract shapes and create a painting that has a sense of depth.  I work background to foreground – general to specific, striving to create something that is captivating and pleasing to look at. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do something I have such a passion and love for." I was lucky enough to be with a group of artists that were invited to the Great Bear Rain Forest.  One of the small villages we visited was called Klemtu.  There I saw several totem poles.  This one attracted my eye.  At the same time I was seeing this totem, I was also seeing several ravens flying by and resting on some of the other totem poles.  This idea very much intrigued me.  Ravens have much significance in myths and legends of indigenous people.  I thought the marriage between the raven and totem was a perfect combination. ~ Terry Isaac, artist.

Storyteller by Terry Isaac. This is a limited edition 18 x 48" museum quality canvas giclée. A lithograph is also available.


Price: $875.00

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