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After the Rain

"After the Rain" by Terry Isaac. "The great blue heron is a regal and stately bird, and one of my favorite birds to paint. With a wingspread of five-and-a-half to six feet, it is our largest heron. The great blue, or "GBH," as birders affectionately refer to it, lives in a variety of habitats - streams, ponds, marshes, mud flats, lakeshortes, rivers - in both salt and fresh water areas. The heron's primary foods are aquatic species (fish, crayfish, frogs, etc.); however, they also feed in fields on mice and voles. The heron I've depicted is stalking a fish. Herons are expert and patient fishermen. This heron's patience will soon be amply rewarded as it hunts in a marsh after the rain." ~Terry Isaac. This is a limited-edition (99) museum quality canvas giclée, with the image measuring 15.125 x 19".


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