Terry Isaac's Art

Painting Wildlife in Acrylic – Beginning to Intermediate

Wildlife painter, Terry Isaac, shares photos, collages, sketches and many stunning finished works from his portfolio to illustrate the method he uses to formulate dynamic 'magical moments' in nature.

Join internationally acclaimed wildlife painter, print artist and author Terry Isaac for an in depth look at the preparation, thought and painting process he uses to create his magical wildlife paintings. Terry's workshop includes materials, preparing the painting surface, collecting accurate data for a precise rendering of a natural setting uniquely your own, tips and tricks on how to locate and photograph wild animals, technical reference materials, how to construct a convincing setting using an assortment of resources, powerful design, and how to illustrate complicated subjects successfully, without ever "drawing" on the board. Terry completes a painting of a hummingbird and larkspur. He discusses a larger panoramic painting in progress of two moose. Terry's precise attention to detail and patient rendering of the wonders of nature have made him one of the country's most popular and successful wildlife print artists.


Price: $39.95

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